While taking small steps on our journey towards saving the forests of the Northern Western Ghats, we have to stop and put a milestone when we feel like we have achieved something significant. Here we present to you the latest of those moments:

AERF wins the prestigious Conservation Leadership Award through which various approaches will be tested to enhance the sustainability of conservation agreements in the two IBAs (Important Bird Area) in the Northern Western Ghats

AERF received 2016 Vasantrao Naik Foundation award for Environment in appreciation of the unceasing efforts on ground for conservation of forests in the Northern Western Ghats.

Endangered species play an important role in mainstreaming the cause of conservation while highlighting the critical challenges of conservation. AERF in collaboration with Rain Forest Trust, USA initiated a project to protect endangered Indian pangolin. Through this project, the first Community reserve for pangolins and other threatened species will be created by 2018 to protect this less known and high conservation value species in Tiware Ghera Prachitgad area in the Northern Western Ghats.

Our persistent efforts over long time of engaging with corporates for biodiversity conservation have materialized. AERF is now working with Credit Suisse- a major international bank through a 3 year project to promote green entrepreneurship for biodiversity conservation and climate change mitigation in the North Western Ghats.

With facilitation from the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund, AERF forged a partnership with Daikin Industries, Japan for saving private forests in the North Western Ghats. We take pride and are excited about the fact that this project is part of Daikin’s global “Forests for the Air” programme.

One more pat on the back and a push to keep on reaching new milestones in AERF’s conservation journey! Our Director Dr. Archana Godbole and Joint Director Mr. Jayant Sarnaik were felicitated by Ms. Aruna Roy - renowned political and social activist - as part of the Civil Society's 'Hall of Fame' for AERF's contribution to the conservation of forests in the Northern Western Ghats